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Jamie | 23/02/2016

Hi I'm new to your page and love what you do! I have a couple of items that I'm looking to be...

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bernie Kirwan | 09/07/2014

bought a beautiful piece today of a woodcutter with axe on ground it says j rynhart e 750 or 150. got it in a charity shop, can you tell me anything about it.

Reply:Hi, the number is the edition of pieces in the range. I do not know anymore about the piece, it was probably made in the 80's.

Gary Smallbone | 08/07/2014

Hi, I have a lamp statue bt Jeanne Rybnart entitled "Horse Fair" LP27 It is a street scene with 2 men and a horse on a cobbled street below a street lamp. It is signed by J.Rynhart with the number E/950 alongside Can you tell me anything about its date / history / original sale price etc. Does the number mean it is a limited edition ?

Reply:hello, yes the number does mean that it is an edition. I am sorry but I wouldn't have any other information about the piece as it was made a long time ago.

john martin | 23/06/2014

Could you produce a run of cold-cast bronzes of a bird standing about 9 inches. I can send an image if that helps.

Reply:Hi John, please contact me on 027 63826 and we can discuss. Regards, Audrey

Michael | 18/06/2014

I purchased a beautiful Rynhart, it is signed J Rynhart and the decal states "Dancing at the Crossroads" I was looking for a date but did not find another online.

Reply:Hi Micheal, I do not know the date, possibly the 90's. This piece went out of production many moons ago.

Matthew | 15/06/2014

I was gifted a J Rynhart statue of an adult golfer wearing plus-fours and swinging a driver...the base shows a marking E/500 beside the sculptor's name. The gift was received in the mid-1980's. I'm curious as to the significance of the E/500, as well as the cost of purchasing an item of similar value as a gift for my son.

Reply:Hello, the E/500 figure is the edition of the piece. We do not produce this piece any longer I'm afraid.

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