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Jamie | 23/02/2016

Hi I'm new to your page and love what you do! I have a couple of items that I'm looking to be...

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Mark Fowler | 09/01/2014

I have just bought a fabulous bronze Reynhart piece from a charity shop. It shows a golfer placing his ball on the tee box inscribed Par 3 150yds. It only cost me 20euro and was wondering what is the background to this lovely item.

Reply:What a steal! If you look at the base of the sculpture it should tell you how many were in the addition, possibly a date after the signature of the artist, J. Rynhart.

Alan Molloy | 05/12/2013

Hi there I was given one of your beautiful lamps as as wedding gift 15 years ago. The piece is of two men leaning against a horse beneath a street lamp. We were very upset when it was knocked of it's table and the street lamp came away from its base. Can something like this be repaired? I live in Denmark but will be home to Ireland for January. Fingers crossed for a positive reply. Alan Molloy

Reply:Hi Alan, yes we can attempt to repair it for you .Please contact us If you are back in Ireland on 027 63826. Best regards Audrey

Rennie Cockram | 07/09/2013

Hi there, I hope you can help me. My husband an avid golfer bought a bronze sculpture in the town of Seaton at an antique shop in England while on holiday. The sculpture appears to look like the golfer Sam Sinead. He is wearing a brimmed hat and is teeing up his shot. It looks like it has 250 followed by a diagnonal line of dots with 139 after it. So I am guessing it is number 139 out of 250 that were made? He carefully brought it home to Canada and it now has a place in his office. Unfortunately we did not receive any paperwork with it. Would you be able to verify the approximate year it was made and wether it may have been intended to be modelled after Sam Sinead. Thank you for your time, Rennie

Reply:Hi Rennie, I am not too sure who the actual golfer is that it was modelled on. The number 250 is the edition of how many were made but only the original certificate of authentication would tell you the actual number that the piece is. Best Regards Audrey

Steven | 24/07/2013

Hi I have a Rynhart of Prince Charles and Diana from their engagement, i believe there were only 200 of these made at the time and i have an authenticity certificate for it, it is extremly heavy! i was just looking to find out a little more about it? Is it valuable? Are there many of these still around. any help would be appreciatited

Reply:Hi Steven, I don't believe there are too many of these in existence, as for value you may have to contact someone with an interest in pieces like these, perhaps a fine art auctioneer who specialises in Royal memorabilia.

Muriel | 01/07/2013

Audrey, Audrey, I love my Molly Malone who is now in her 20s. She's beginning to need a face lift & is a bit dusty. Apart from running a duster over Molly, I'm reluctant to clean her with anything that will destroy her good looks! Would appreciate your advice on this. Kind regards, Muriel

Reply:Hi Muriel, we can give your lovely Molly Malone a professional clean here at our studio. You can contact me on the number on our website for further details. Hope this helps, Audrey.

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