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Jamie | 23/02/2016

Hi I'm new to your page and love what you do! I have a couple of items that I'm looking to be...

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Maria Corcoran | 15/05/2013

Hi there, I am interested in buyinga pice of Rynhart, it is the horse with the foal around €180. As it is a weddig present, do yo deliver to the people getting married or do we have to collect it? Also do you have it in stock? Can you also give me an idea of the size 150mm is? Kind regards Maria Corcoran

Reply:Hi Maria, I am trying to reply to your request by email but it keeps bouncing back. If you would like to contact us directly on our email it is to answer your question we use a courier service cost €11.00. If you wish to include a personalised card with your gift you could send it to us. Regards, Audrey

glenn | 20/04/2013

Hi my wife bought a piece of Rynhart 25+ years ago its a bronze of a lady collecting peat.250 in the collection, could help with any information and value Much thanks Glenn.

Reply:Hi Glen, This is quite an early piece, no longer on the range. It was modelled by my mother Jeanne Rynhart, I'm guessing in the early 80's. If you look on the base there may be a date enscribed there. I wouldn't know the value of it I'm afraid. Perhaps if you took it to a fine art valuers they may be able to help you. I would insure it for €200. Best Regards Audrey

Nancy Lombardo | 29/01/2013

Hello I recently bought the Celtic Wolfhound Lamp at a little Irish Shop in Smithville, NJ when I got it home I realized the lamp shade was broken. I called the shop back and they told me to bring it back and they would return my money. Of course I fell in love with it and would not send or bring it back. Do you sell the lamp shades that go with this lamp? The Number on the lamp is LP24. Thank you.

Reply:Hi Nancy, I apologise for the late reply. We can make this lamp shade for you. Please contact me through email or phone and we can discuss it further, best regards, Audrey

Maureen | 13/11/2012

I purchased a lovely bronze sculpture at an estate sale this weekend. It is of a fisherman in waders standing with his rod and reel. There is a young boy kneeling with a net in his left hand ready to scoop a fish out of the water. Inscribed on a large rock on the back is J.Rynhart written in cursive and below that EY 300.Would appreciate any information-how old it is and an idea of it's value. It is truly a wonderful piece. Thanks

Reply:Hi Maureen, so glad you found a piece that you really admire. I'm not too sure how much the piece is worth, possibly around €260-€300 euro.The best bet would be to take it to an art valuers or auctioneer. The number in the edition is 300. The piece would have been originally sold with a cert with the number of the piece. I hope this has been of interest to you. King Regards, Audrey.

liam | 18/09/2012

Hi, I purchased a rynhart sculpture today. I will be taking the beautiful sculpture back to Arizona where it will become a prize for an annual golf competition in Sundance Golf Club. Regards Liam Donaldson

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