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Jamie | 23/02/2016

Hi I'm new to your page and love what you do! I have a couple of items that I'm looking to be...

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Bronze Celtic Design gifts

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Framed Salmon of Knowledge
The Salmon figures prominently in the adventures of Fionn mac Cumhaill. According to the story, a..
€ 45.00
Hand Crafted Bronze-'Celtic Clock'
Covered in Celtic knotwork and with a gold plated quartz clock, this makes a lovely gift for anyo..
€ 59.95
Turoe Stone Clock Small
This ancient carved stone is a perfect example of ‘La Tene’ art from the 1st to 3rd century B..
€ 69.95
Celtic Knotwork Frame
The endless woven knotwork was used by monks to decorate manuscripts, such as the ‘Book of Kell..
€ 45.00
Bronze Celtic Wolfhound Lamp
Celtic Wolfhound- “Man’s Best Friend”. The Irish Wolfhound was the hound of the kings a..
€ 225.00
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