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Jamie | 23/02/2016

Hi I'm new to your page and love what you do! I have a couple of items that I'm looking to be...

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Bronze Animal Statues

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Bronze Irish Art-'Celtic Wolfhound'
The  Irish Wolfhound was the choice of hound of Irsh kings and nobility. It was used fo..
€ 75.00
Framed Salmon of Knowledge
The Salmon figures prominently in the adventures of Fionn mac Cumhaill. According to the story, a..
€ 45.00
Horse Head
Horses- have a long-standing connection with Ireland.  Many of the world’s top winning rac..
€ 95.00
Bronze Gift-'Bird in the Hand'
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush is an old saying meaning that it’s better to have a..
€ 109.95
The Dolphin- “ Freedom” To Celtic seafarers the dolphin was a symbol of luck, healing and..
€ 45.00
Wise Owl
A wise old owl sat in an oak, the more he’d see the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more h..
€ 65.00
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